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Dive in to exclusive content created by those plugged into our culture and hear the perspectives that are shaping our world.

Join  @ISpeakWithAGift  in The Living Room with Chris Craig as they enjoy healthy high snacks, video games and freestyles. For more exclusive content go to and remember to #Like and #Subscribe to #stayBASED in the Culture

Platinum Producer @Buck Nasty kicks it in The Sound Lounge. We talk NBA, Memphis' rap culture, his upcoming as a producer and more. For more exclusive content go to and remember to subscribe to #stayBASED in the Culture. 

Chose Gang/Push Management DJ IB John Doe joins the MBASE crew as we argue about everything Memphis; Legends, new artists, the state of the culture?? We chop it all up at The Sound Lounge.

Tae Aqua tells us about how she started making music, business ventures and drops a verse in the booth on this installment of Mic Check.

Enjoy the vibes with Slimeroni as she visits Chris Craig in The Living Room.
She tells us about her favorite high snack ..well meal,  plays some video games and of course drops a dope performance!

We got a chance to chop it up 30kMon on this segment of of Mic Check. Watch us break down how he started rapping, past experiences and his future plans! 

"Mic Check" featuring @woodrowdinero
Check out the first installment in the "Mic Check" series were we will be interviewing upcoming artists! 

 Spark up... Sit back... and Buckle up for this episode of Enlightenment TV with Kush Pack B featuring special guest Dreweh.

Join Mula Da Great and Tyga as they discuss topics on relationships and friendships between the opposite sexes.

Join Chris Craig in The Living Room for the first episode of "Coffee Table Raps" featuring Austin Crui$e.

Join KushPack B as he explores spiritual, religious, mental, and life topics in the first episode of Enlightenment TV.

Mula, Kushpack and Dre visit Dream Wingz in Clarksville Tn.

Join Mula Da Great and Tyga as they discuss topics on sex, relationships, and dating.

Join Tru and Gwala Deniro as they speak with Memphis Artist Lil Bling about his music, life experiences and upcoming projects.

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